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Welcome to the Xephor ARK Server.


Welcome everyone, I am writing to introduce to you all a newly created mega server, good for 150 player slots. I am looking for mature players to help grow the community. My intentions are to have a server full of the most seasoned and knowledgeable ARK players around to participate in community events and tasteful PvP. Come join us!

Settings and Rates:


Download the mod collection here:

Server Connect Information:

Port: 7777
Paste into Windows run command or click steam://connect/
By joining the server, you (the player) acknowledge and affirm your acceptance of the Server & Raiding rules presented throughout this website.

Server Rules & Griefing:

Strict ahderence to Server Rules is required to maintain good standing and to prevent an account ban.

New Players:

Raiding Information and Rules:

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